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November 22, 2017



Parasites are organisms that live on or inside other living creatures, some of which cause discomfort or disease and even death in our pets, others which can act as carriers for other infectious organisms. Some of these also pose human health risks which can be very serious so implementing a control programme for parasites in our pets is very important.


External parasites

– Fleas – bites can cause dermatitis, heavy infestation can cause anaemia, and they will infest your home very quickly!
– Ticks – reaction at the site of attachment and transfer of diseases such as Lyme disease to animals and humans in the UK, other diseases abroad
– Lice – intense itching and skin problems
– Mites – several types cause varying degrees of skin disease one of which transfers to humans
– Mosquitos – a nuisance but carry serious diseases abroad so beware if travelling with your pet

Internal parasites

– Intestinal worms – can cause mild intestinal disease to anaemia and some can cause serious human disease and blindness if ingestedJungle_Roundworm
– Lungworm – varies from mild disease to death, dogs are affected when they ingest an infected slug/snail
– Heartworm – not in the UK but a risk for travelling pets, can be fatal
– Various other parasites causing disease


parasite prevention

You may think your pet is not at risk but many parasites are passed with close contact with other pets, also from eating infected faeces and this includes foxes. Any cat that brings presents home is at risk from infected mice/birds and most importantly ingesting slugs and snails can lead to a dog becoming infected with the fatal disease lungworm. Good hygiene and clearing up faeces are a must in controlling spread of disease but animals also require a good control programme to prevent infection so beware shop bought products as these may not give appropriate cover. Please call us or go to www.itsajungle.co.uk for more information. Take advantage of our fit friends healthplan to help protect your pet.

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